NOthING studio


ZhiYi garden landscaping branding design, the overall shape comes from the letter E, which matches the pronunciation of the word 'Yi' in the brand name 'ZhiYi'. The letter E refers to Earth, the source of growth of all things that reveals the foundation of garden landscaping.

At the same time, the upper and lower parts are symmetrically flipped to form a stable basic structure, which means 'essence', and the stroke flowing in between means 'evolution', full of smart vitality. The symmetrical structure of the upper and lower parts also symbolizes the essence of garden landscape design, which is to balance architecture and nature.

The flowing line in the middle is the frequency that 'knowledge art' is constantly pursuing, constantly changing the understanding of art from the perspective of development, and constantly coordinating the organic combination of nature and architecture.

Client   Zense Landscaping
Designer   Tian Na, Herbr Lin